Lisa Ascolese

Lisa Ascolese is an entrepreneur, inventor, independent product broker, and motivational speaker. Her career began when she started inventing her own products at just nine years old, igniting a passion that has led her to great success. This business woman, who is the CEO of the product development company Inventing A To Z, has designed, manufactured, and marketed both her own products and those of her clients. These products have been featured on national television networks including QVC and HSN, and have also been carried in numerous retail stores.  Her clients range from celebrities such as Nicole Ari Parker, large companies including Sylvania and Westinghouse, to stay-at-home moms.

Her passion for inventing sparked her desire to assist others who wish to develop their own products. She began to mentor and share her knowledge, visiting schools and universities and giving workshops across the country. Her workshops aid both children and adults in bringing their concepts to fruition. In addition to the workshops, she has also spoken at various events. Lisa was a keynote speaker at the 14th annual retreat for the Odyssey Women’s Conference, placing her in the company of notables Soledad O’Brien, congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick, and financial guru Deborah Owens, just to name a few.

Lisa truly enjoys helping others by giving creative insight and innovative know-how so that budding inventors and entrepreneurs can achieve their own success. For this reason, she founded the Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs, AOWIE. This non-profit provides mentorship and financial guidance through musically inspired conferences, allowing women to both network and gain invaluable knowledge from expert business executives.

For over 25 years Lisa has been driven by her undying positive attitude and fierce determination. She lives by the advice of her grandmother, “when you believe, you will achieve”. Her generous spirit and love of giving back to others make Lisa a truly wonderful individual.