Tisa L. Silver

Tisa L. Silver, MBA, is an educator, philanthropist and the award-winning author of The Time Value of Life: Why Time Is More Valuable Than Money, with a passion for inspiring others to become lifelong learners and community servants. 

Tisa is a double graduate of University of Delaware’s Alfred E. Lerner College of Business and Economics. At age 24, Tisa joined the University’s faculty as an Instructor of Finance with emphasis on Corporate Finance and Investments. 

After five years in the academic sector, Tisa sought to broaden her scope and share her valuable life lessons with a larger audience via The Time Value of Life, her innovative book adaptation of the popular financial formula, The Time Value of Money (TVM). The Time Value of Life is a truly personal finance book that examines the many parallels between time and money, and compels readers to become active investors in their own lives. It is with the mantra “Stop spending time. Start investing it,” that Tisa prescribes a value added approach to living each day.

Tisa has served as a writer and reviewer of personal finance and investments content for online outlets including Forbes, Investopedia, and BET.  She is a financial commentator and contributor whose work has been featured in TIME, Ladies’ Home Journal, ESSENCE Magazine, FOX Business, MSN Money and Yahoo Finance.  In 2014, Tisa was recognized by the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition as Consumer Volunteer of the Year.  She is currently the associate director of financial education and wellness at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she is responsible for campus-wide financial literacy programming and has personally advised students on the repayment of more than $25 million in student loan debt.  In 2016, Tisa expects to complete her doctoral studies in higher education administration at Morgan State University.

Tisa is a native of Prince George’s County, Maryland and resides there with her husband, Michael, and their daughter.