Tracey Fergeson

Originally born in Michigan, Tracey Ferguson was raised in Texas in a wildly creative family. “I SO belonged in Texas…Yee Haw! [laughs] My dad courageously overcame fantastic obstacles [to become] a physician and my mom is from a long line of ghost writing political journalists; so it was in me to step out and do something a bit against the grain.”

 After snagging degrees in both Journalism and Communication, Tracey went on to become Marketing Manager for both the Theatre Under the Stars, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

 The entertainment expert continued excelling as a marketing professional until 2005 when her book club meetings incited inspiration for Jones Magazine. A reflection of the women in her book club, she wanted to create a publication that catered to the ‘savvy, professional woman’.

 Since 2005, JONES magazine has served as the premier luxury shopping and lifestyle resource for African-American and multicultural women. What distinguishes JONES from other glossies is that we have successfully honed in on the lifestyle and shopping needs of today’s contemporary women of color. This group of women shares a penchant for what’s new, now and next. When they pick up JONES they see women who look like them living a similar fashion-forward lifestyle. JONES is much more than a magazine; it’s an experience that bonds a very diverse group of women together.

 With the success and growth of Jones Magazine, Tracey Ferguson is focusing on continuing her balance of family and work.  This petite powerhouse has taken a sabbatical from running the magazine as Editor-in-Chief to manage her daughter Kendall’s budding music career as a newly signed artist to Atlantic Records. Both Tracey and Kendall plan to set the industry on fire.

 A self-proclaimed Hyper-opinionated professional nitpicker and lifestyle pundit, Tracey is intent on making her mark in multiple mediums.